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Our music usually revolves around many musical events including musical drama, concerts and eve skit. The most famous musical event that is famous almost in all the universities out there is a musical concert that mainly includes a live performance by some famous group or musical band in front of a wide audience. The performance basically includes a large group of musical rock stars that perform as one individual unit that is called a musical band. The performance can also be a little different like performance of any single musician.

Sometimes it is the musical concert of any orchestra, choir or a band. Concerts are carried out in several ways with different types of settings. It varies from a small private party or a performance in any night club. It is also held in entertainment centers and large amusement parks. Apart from that, musical concerts have gained a great audience in colleges and universities. It has become a fashion these days when a reputed band visits a university and performs. It is not only fruitful for the university but a band gets a lot of publicity too in this. Universities have turned out to be favorite venues among all the venues that host a musical concert. The musicians usually carry out their performance in the stadium or the auditorium of the university where they get a large stage to set up their instruments, settings and members. The musical concerts need all the professional tools and equipments to perform live support. Concerts are a great event as it provides the opportunity to all the general students who dream of listening to a band and enjoy. This usually happens in a cultural fest or annual day of any university where they get a break from their studies and boring lifestyle.

There are many types of concerts that are performed live in universities that differ as per the number of individuals, type of music played, and order of program, mood and level of the volume that is played in the concert. There are many types of musical concerts that are enjoyed in the world including:

  1. Theatrical concerts: These types of concerts are performed with huge and elaborated stage lights, electronic imagery system, sets and artwork that are needed at the time of performance. This altogether makes use of special effects like smoke and fog and the musicians perform in special dresses and looks. These are mostly very expensive shows because it includes many types of settings and expertise. They have singers, dancers, actors and musicians in their concert and they perform the concert altogether.
  2. Musical festivals: The other types of musical concerts that are very popular in universities are musical festivals. It basically involves many types of artists and these festivals last for more than a couple of days. They mainly revolve around one theme or cover a wide variety of music and art form.
  3. Concert tours: It is a series of concerts that are performed by a single band in different universities or a series of band performances that take place in one university during any musical fest or concert.

New CD of Trumpet/Trombone Duets from Brantley and Coble

Two music professors at the University of South Florida (USF) have recently released a new CD filled with repertoire for trumpet and trombone. Tom Brantley teaches trombone at USF, and Jay Coble teaches trumpet. About a year ago, they began planning a new CD that would include as much new repertoire for trumpet/trombone duets as

“We even considered calling the project Duels and Duets or something,” said Coble. “But in the process of commissioning some new works, we hit upon a much better title.”

Composer-in-residence Chuck Owen also teaches at the University of South Florida in Tampa. Owen is well-known in the jazz community for his work with the International Association of Jazz Educators and his own professional big band The Jazz Surge. Owen, who is also a former trombonist, composed a new three-movement piece for trumpet, trombone and string quintet entitled CONFLUENCES, and thus the CD recording project had a name.

Owen used the term “confluences” to reflect the merging of two streams — whether those are musical streams or streams of water — the place where those two things come together is the point. He took advantage of the fact that both Brantley and Coble have an extensive jazz background in addition to their classical training; the strength of the piece rests upon the versatility of both musicians.

In support of the new CD, Brantley and Coble mounted a short tour of the East Coast including stops at SUNY-Purchase for a recording project with composer David Gluck and performances at Appalachian State University. The tour ended with a performance at Carnegie Hall’s Weill Recita Hall this September. Joined by pianist Corey Jane Holt, also of Tampa, the three musicians performed most of the works from the new recording. Both the recording project and the tour were sponsored by USF Creative Reseach Grants and support from Yamaha. Both Brantley and Coble are Yamaha Artists.